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Welcome to PROJECTS UNKNOWN. My name is Christopher Austin Rymer. I'm a professional artist and creator

I have a passion for visual story telling using my collection of creative skills from various medias and mediums. In the past 20 years I have worked in film, television, and media in California for a diverse group of production companies and eventually owning and operating my own. My professional history combined with a lifetime devotion to visual and performance arts has rendered me the experience to see creative solutions to projects challenged by elements of The Unknown.

Uncertainty, unfamiliarity, a lack of clarity, and ultimately fear will often interfere with the creative process. In order to get our projects off the ground and into reality, we must be willing to face The Unknown. It is there that we can tap into the source of limitless creativity that will bring our vision into fruition. More often than not, we will discover something truly novel and unique in our journey that will make our creations shine brightest amongst the sea of seemingly limitless content.

Whether you're searching for creative inspiration and motivation to action, or you're looking for a collaborator to assist you on your next project, my skills and services are available. I'm looking forward to joining you in The Unknown.

/Christopher A. Rymer



  • Videography

  • Photography

  • Drone Videography & Photography.

  • Editing

  • Script Writing

  • Project Management

  • Project Consultation


  • Website Design & Development

  • Branding

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Social Media Management

  • Content Marketing

  • Copywriting


  • Oil Painting

  • Charcoal Drawing

  • Large Format Art

  • Art Comissions

  • Fine Art Prints

  • Exhibition Design & Marketing

  • Art Coaching & Workshops

Contact me and tell me about your project!

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