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Christopher Austin Rymer is a self-taught artist hailing from San Diego, California, USA. Surrounded by a family of artists, his creative journey began at an early age, shaping his passion and skill set in various mediums. Currently, he finds his artistic expression through the rich textures of oil painting and the dramatic contrasts of charcoal drawing.

His experiences extended beyond the canvas as he ventured into the dynamic realm of the Los Angeles film industry. Immersed in the bustling hub of cinematic innovation, he absorbed the essence of storytelling, visual aesthetics, and cinematic atmosphere. It was amidst the kaleidoscope of creativity that he found his life partner, Kerstin.

Seeking new horizons, Christopher embarked on a transformative chapter by relocating from the sun-kissed landscapes of California to the enchanting embrace of Nora, Sweden – his wife's hometown. The transition from the familiar to the unknown infused his work with fresh perspectives, allowing his process to evolve in response to the tranquil beauty and cultural richness of Scandinavia.

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