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Into the Unknown

In every story a character ventures into the realm of the unknown where a personal metamorphosis occurs and when they return to their normal reality it is there that their transformation is fully and finally realized.

I started Projects Unknown nearly a year ago where my world, like many others, was flipped upside down. Being forced to lock down in this newly inverted reality I found an opportunity to change the direction of my focus and to start a new path towards embracing the unknown. I had built a career on selling my creativity to the commercial industry and the mainstream machine, which left me feeling unfulfilled on a deep personal level. I knew that the fulfillment that I was looking for was waiting for me somewhere else.

When starting any sort of creative venture artists often find themselves faced with the prospects of infinite possibilities, which can invoke a sense of excitement as well as fear. By stepping through the portal of the unknown you're making a commitment to face those fears and dare to let the experience guide you to a new potential. Over the years I've discovered that some of life's greatest rewards are the ones that are unexpected.

My vision for Projects Unknown isn't bound by a particular dictum other than sharing my exploration of the creative process. With this I hope that someone out there is inspired to do their own adventuring into their personal unknown.

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